Introducing Orchid™

The smartest and most efficient way to locate your battery powered assets

The secret is inside

Protect your assets with the smallest GPS locator on the market

Discrete and precise

Small enough to be installed inside valuable handheld tools while providing location accuracy

Features and benefits

* Small slim-line device * Simple self-installation * No SIM required * Cost effective

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We've now partnered with Marine Deals for our online distribution. Marine Deals launched in October 2009 and have grown from a small company working out of a garage to become New Zealand's most popular online marine retailer. In 2013 Marine Deals won 12th place in the Deloitte Fast 50 NZ's Fastest Growing Companies.


Utilising GPS and GSM technologies and tapping in to the power of your assets, Orchid™ is a unique locating device designed to let you know where your property is, when requested. With no SIM card required, its accompanying web app allows you to simply register and track one, or all of your items with the Orchid™ inside.

The Orchid™ has been designed to fit easily inside your assets allowing true discretion and protection for your property. Orchid™ installation capabilities are endless, examples of these include but are not limited to: vehicles, tools, boats, plant and machinery, bikes and many more battery operated items. For each Orchid™ purchased you will receive one year subscription included! 

Global Asset Register

The location of your Orchid™ device is accessible from your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Black International have designed a web based tool that will allow you to create and maintain your own global asset register.

Your register will act as a searchable directory for all of your assets, providing a central point for relevant information. Once your unique Orchid™ code has been assigned, you can request the location of your assets at the touch of button.

The secret is inside


Activate your Orchid chip by downloading the Black app.


Install the chip in your asset by 
connecting to the power supply.


Locate your asset using GPS 
and GSM technologies.